Hey Guys,

Here is the schedule of training sessions available for this week July 9-15. Please reply to this email to let us know what session(s) you are planning on

Monday July 9
Waiau District Park Courts
3:00PM – Open For Private (MJ)
3:00PM – Kona Private (Jamie)
4:00PM – AJ Private (MJ)
4:00PM – Mary Private (Jamie)
5:00PM – Open For Private Session (MJ)
5:00PM – Keke Private (Jamie)

Tuesday July 10
Central Oahu Regional Park (CORP) Field 3
3:00PM – Maile Private (MJ)
3:00PM – Emma&Kamryn&Lauren Group (Jamie)
4:00PM – Ka’imi Private (MJ)
4:00PM – Caleb Private (Jamie)
5:00PM – Surf ‘08 (MJ&Jamie)

Wednesday July 11
Waiau District Park Courts
3:00PM – Nautica Private (Jamie)
3:00PM – Destiny Private (MJ)
4:00PM – Open Footwork (MJ&Jamie)

Thursday July 12
Kainalu Elementary Field
4:00PM – Invitational (MJ)
4:00PM – Open Footwork (Jamie)

Friday July 13
Waiau District Park Courts
2:00PM – Destiny Private (Jamie)
3:00PM – Celina Private (Jamie)
3:15PM – Kona Private (MJ)
4:00PM – Open Core (Jamie)
4:30PM – Open Footwork (MJ&Jamie)
5:30PM – Open For Private Session (MJ)
5:30PM – Lum Siblings Group (Jamie)

Saturday July 14
No Training Sessions (MJ&Jamie)

Sunday July 15
Kailua Triangle Park
9:00AM – Invitational (MJ)
No Training Sessions (Jamie)