Invitational Group, is a group that Jamie and I assemble together.  Most of the players for this group took 4-5 years to earn their position.  
These are the older players you see in the demonstration videos and assistant trainers that assist us. You can only come if the invitation
is extended to you.  We ask parents not to inquire about how to get their players into this group.  

Private Groups are only for the people who assembled that group themselves.  You need to make our own group or discuss with scheduler and
members of the group.

Hey Guys,

Here is the schedule of training sessions available for this week March 16-22. Please reply to this email to confirm your session!!

Monday March 16
Waiau District Park Courts OR Upper Field
3:00PM - Destiny Private (MJ)
4:00PM - Kainalu/Mary/Addison Group (Jamie)

Tuesday March 17
No Training Sessions (MJ&Jamie)

Wednesday March 18
Waiau District Park Courts OR Upper Field
3:00PM - Kaimi Private (MJ)
4:00PM - Aubrey/Cece Group (MJ&Jamie)

Thursday March 19
No Training Sessions (MJ&Jamie)

Friday March 20
Waiau District Park Courts OR Upper Field
4:00PM - Destiny/Amelie/Cyera Group (Jamie)
5:00PM - Whitfield Group (Jamie)

Saturday March 21
No Training Sessions (MJ&Jamie)

Sunday March 22
No Training Sessions (MJ&Jamie)