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We normally ask for at least 15 minutes of ball a work a day.  If they can't do it daily at least 5 times a week.

RUNNING we follow a weekly running pyramid it is also in the chart below. Sprinting Circuits click on this link

Under age 12                                   Age 12 and Above
Day 1:  1 miles                                 Day 1:  2 miles
Day 2:  1.5 miles                              Day 2:  2.5 miles  
Day 3:  2 miles                                 Day 3:  3 miles
Day 4:  Optional Rest Day               Day 4:  Optional Rest Day
Day 5:  1.5 miles                              Day 5:  2.5 miles
Day 6:  1 miles                                 Day 6:  2 miles
Day 7:  Optional Rest Day               Day 7:  Optional Rest Day

Core we would like about 15 minutes of core per week.  If you follow the video you don't have to think just follow.  

Jump rope I would like to have this at least 4 times a week to get players on their toes. A lot of them lack the hop
and speed  which hinders their development.  Adding this to their workout will be a huge help to us helping them.  
Watch the demo then start jumping when music gets fast. Video is only 3 minutes so 6 sets would be ideal.


Set two cones 6 yards apart - down and back is one set.  Do two sets of everything.


Below is an easy to follow work out chart of what we would like them to complete during the week, along with a
STRENGTH TRAINING REGIMEN for the players 12 and above. We also listed useful sites at the very bottom
to help them if they are looking for good workout series to follow on youtube


Note cardio and leg day on same days.  The workouts outs are fairely simple and easy.  Recommend
they do these workouts in the morning before school and save afternoon for footwork and core. There are 2-3 options for
each workout so they won't get bored just pick one each day according the muscle group they will be working that day.

                     Monday                 bodyweight

                     Tuesday                 cardio/legs

                     Wednesday             body weight

                     Thursday                cardio/legs

                     Friday                     body weight

                     Saturday                  flexibility

                             Core 6 days a week

Legs 1       

Legs 2       

Body weight 1

Body weight 2

Cardio 1    

Cardio 2    

Core 1      

Core 2      

Core 3      



Find a workout plan that fits you this site help you by entering info and giving you option on trainers with full plans for you to follow.

Body weight Strength Routine - good because no weights so it works for our youngers as well.

Mike Vasquez 45 day workout plan it's awesome for toning and cardio not for the feint of hear or people not familiar with

Subscribe to this channel and you will see Jake has a ton of workouts to pull from that you can pick
one per day.

I also love this series by Ashley Conrad which helps you get a 30 day workout plan. She has one
video per day for you to follow and see if you can commit to this.  This would be in addition to
your soccer workout so you can do in the mornings like most of our kids or afternoons.

I love this guy Coach BJ Gaddour this is a great workout series.  He pushes like a coach would and keeps you pumped.
School of Soccer Fitness Policy
Below age 12                                                                   Age 12 and above