We are  glad to hear that you are interested in our program for your child!! On behalf of our
trainers and students, I would like to welcome you to our close-knit school. We provide an optimal
learning environment for our students to develop a strong foundation on which to build the rest of
their skills acquired throughout their soccer careen. Our trainers have years of experience as both
players and coaches and would love nothing more than to share their knowledge of the game.

To get started, go ahead and come out to any Open Footwork, Open Core, and/or Open Shooting
session(s). Training will be 30 minutes – 2.5 hours long depending on what session(s) in which
you are interested. Just email us or text us to register with us for the sessions you would like to

All sessions are NOT subject to age, so your child may be in a group with older players, younger
players, new players, etc. Private training is available if your child needs a little extra one-on-one
help!! When he/she has a firm grasp of the footwork, he/she will be able to come out to our
Invitational sessions. If it’s possible, please have your child wear a white t-shirt and black shorts.
Both cleats and running shoes are required at all training sessions. He/She must also bring a ball
and water. Shin guard are optional.

If you look to the left of this screen you will see the links to the forms we need to have completed
before your child can start.  We ask that you review the policies as well.

Also, feel free to explore the other features on our website. We have tons of videos on the sample
page that will give you folks a good idea of the footwork we teach at School of Soccer.

Training rates vary depending on the type of session in which you are interested.

Private sessions, it is always our policy that you start first with Jamie or sometimes we assign
you a younger trainer.  A lot of the new players have been requesting to schedule sessions with
me so we wanted to give you all a reminder of how the SOS system works.  

Players need to get the basics down and be at a certain fitness level.  After watching a player’s
development if we see improvement in all areas of fitness, ballhandling, confidence, and
commitment the player will then be assessed by both Jamie and myself.  If we feel they are ready
then we offer the choice to train with me.  In most cases we try to keep you with both Jamie and
myself.  This has always given us the best development and results.

Safety and injury prevention are a large reason we keep to this system.   Many players that tried
to work outside of this system and skip a step have been injured due to lack of finesse, technique,
fitness, coordination, core strength, or just the physical ability to perform the drills or moves.  
Safety, preparation, technique and consistency are all established but working through the system
we have.  

As for private groups.  We only allow private groups based on ability.  The groups are normally put
together in a way to create the most competitive environment possible.  For this reason, players
can only join a group that already exists if recommended by Jamie or myself.  

It takes time to advance.  We try to let you know that you can’t expect to advance in a month.  
Many of the players you see us working with have been with us a year or in most cases years.

Invitational Group, is a group that Jamie and I assemble together.  Most of the players for this
group took 4-5 years to earn their position.  These are the older players you see in the
demonstration videos and assistant trainers that assist us.  

I you are invited to group you are expected to comprehend drills and footwork within one or at
most two tries.  Our goal for this is to create the most competitive environment possible for the
advanced players that work daily and seriously on their fitness and skills.

For their fitness they are expected to be able to do 240 yard sprints (10 of them) with a time of 35
seconds for each one, a cooper test (two mile) in 12 minutes, 100 pushups with a minute and a
half, and have a core level that meets our expectation.  

Here is a sample of one of the students and what they do in their off time on their own.

Just a couple of quick notes:

1) Just because you join the School of Soccer this doesn't ensure who you'll be training with.  
Everyday is a tryout for our School and students are required to work their way up the ranks.  This
is our way of instilling work ethic, commitment, pride, and commitment.  

2) We have a no drama policy.   It's our way or no way.

A lot of players who have been expelled due to parent's opinions of
where they thought their child belonged, etc....

And drama between players will not be tolerated.  Instead of deciding
between one player or another we normally release the players if it causes an issue for the greater
good of the other students.  

3) Timeliness if Godliness - all players need to arrive on time.  If you are later than 15 minutes late
to any session we will not allow you attend.

4) You are asked to inform us if you signed up for a session and cannot attend.  If you sign up and
are a no show we will still charge for that session.  Some of the classes consist of on or two
players on certain days so trainers will be compensated for their time and attendance.  

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